A Review of 15 First-Step Korean Oil (and other) Cleansers

15 oil cleansers

About a year ago I started fan-b. As I wrote my About page at the time I made sure to outline my approach to the topic of Korean beauty products: I’m approaching this blog not at all as an expert, but as someone with very oily skin, crazily annoying blemishes, and a makeup stash badly in need of new things. I’ve found some amazing products while ...

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The $12 beauty box worth the waitlist: 3B April 2015 Review


I reviewed the very first 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders) box back in December and found it to be filled with things I actually wanted to try or use. In the months since, I've used the makeup wipes a lot as I do blog photos and the K-palette eyeliner totally changed my outlook on liquid liner and wings--it literally made me a wing addict and changed my ...

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The [fan-]b is back (and I’m going sponsor-free)


A photo posted by Tracy E. Fanserviced (@fanserviced) on Mar 28, 2015 at 4:25pm PDT I've returned at last from Germany and my work there is forever done, woo! While there I helped to run an international conference for 3,000+ academics, which is why I've been so quiet for so long. It was truly exhausting and complicated and I'm so glad to ...

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SHINee releases CFs for The Saem; SCREAMING ENSUES


Apologies for being AWOL from fan-b--this is the busy season at work and I'm literally either working, eating quickly, or sleeping these days. I'll be back (back, back, back like SHINee in Sherlock) in early April, but I have to throw these new SHINee commercials (CF = commercial film; "CF" is used by the Korean media) for The Saem at you before ...

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My Completely Age-Inappropriate Birthday Kbeauty Haul


I turned 32 last month, and while many of my friends from high school and college are on their second or third child my life has taken a somewhat different course. I'm enjoying my prolonged youthful rebellion tbh, and this haul reflects my love of nice grownup things and of fantastical foufiness. I got all of this from TesterKorea. I ...

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