My Treadmill Desk

In early 2021, I was inspired to buy a treadmill desk due to my excruciating back pain and two blog posts by author KJ Charles. I paid for everything mentioned in this post btw.

I’ve owned my treadmill desk for over a year now, so I think it’s time to report on my experience!

Designing the set-up took some work because I wanted to have one computer (not a laptop) with the ability to walk or sit without having to move the treadmill out of the way or balance a chair on it. I do some financial stuff for work that requires sitting and I didn’t want to assume that I’d jump right into walking all day long.

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How I make money, points, and miles paying off student loans

I have two theoretically competing goals right now: paying off giant student loans and traveling around the world to experience the best in beauty, in person. Those goals don’t have to be in conflict. I’m about to wordvomit every tip and trick I’ve picked up along the way for creatively paying off student loans and snatching cash, points, and miles while doing it. I’m doing to my student loans what Accutane did to my acne. And lower back.

There are plenty of sites that can give you the student loan payoff 101 — I’m not here to cover that well-trod ground. Instead, I want you to just walk away from this post more engaged with your money in some way. I also want to encourage readers with student loans to think creatively about how their loan payoff strategy can pay off in ways that make life bigger.

Disclaimer: I’m not a certified financial anything. I’m just a Renaissance historian who hates debt and loves free, fancy travel.

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Books to Get Fanserviced By

Originally published: May 10, 2020; updated: December 28, 2020.

Update: I wrote Bridgerton recaps!

Bridgerton, a historical romance tv show about love, lust, and uhh more lust, has arrived on Netflix — and I got to write recaps of each episode for Vulture! Here’s how to find the recap for episode 1.


Books to Get Fanserviced By

These days, more than ever, the world needs fun (read: horny) book recommendations. Here at fanserviced, we’re working hard to recommend the books and masks that will keep you hydrated.

Too often, people in need of a quarantine-appropriate, fine dirty book are being recommended something dusty, sad, and heavy on non-consensual sex (note: Bridgerton‘s source material, The Duke and I, features a non-consensual sex scene that I hate, which is why I’ve never recommended it). The classics and works by 20th-century men have their place, but the publishing world is bursting with books that are as delicious as your favorite essence.

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