My Teeth Whitening Stash

I mentioned my home teeth whitening set-up back in July, and I’ve been asked about it ever since. At long last, all my rich teeth secrets!

Gonna start with a disclaimer: I’m not a dental health professional, just a historian who will do the equivalent of shoving my body into a light socket in order to learn about beauty stuff. At the end of my jaw and braces journey, my surgeon and orthodontist were happy to send me off for teeth whitening to complete the smile transformation. Then the pandemic hit, and while I’m open to just about any beauty treatment, taking off my mask in NYC at the height of a pandemic to whiten my teeth wasn’t on the menu. So I hunted around and got myself a home teeth whitening set-up.

Before diving in with my whitening routine, I went to my dentist for a checkup and had x-rays done to make sure I didn’t have any cavities. I’ve heard of people having nerve zaps from whitening (!!!), and this might be related to cavities or other weaknesses in the tooth enamel allowing the LED light to overheat the tooth pulp. I got the all clear and off I went to blast through the layers of grime from braces and cold brew.

For roughly the cost of one whitening session at a pro whitening spot, I managed to acquire a whole stash of whitening tools that I’m nowhere near using up. An initially cheaper option would be Crest Whitestrips, which my awesomely low-key dentist suggested, but I wanted the big guns to get my teeth stupendously white very fast. I think my stash ends up being cheaper over time due to the number of treatments in each gel tube. One great thing about home whitening is that if my gums get irritated, I don’t have to plow through with treatments just because they’re already paid and booked (whereas I’d probably suffer through a three-session whitening treatment at a studio just to avoid having to come back or forfeit the fee).

Here’s what I’ve got:

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Vanity’s Bonfire: Thoughts on Accutane, post-treatment

I have a few thoughts racing through my head right now, all related to Accutane:

One: I think my skin hasn’t been this good since I was a teenager (I had nice skin as a teen. Of course.).


Three: I could really go for fucking a wall. Not on a wall. Fucking a goddamn wall.

I will explain.

But first, some Renaissance.

Ludwig von Langenmantel, Savonarolas Predigt
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Make P:rem Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam Review

Make P:rem Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam Review

For as much as I’ve tried to be honest about the downsides of blogging, there’s something nice about firing up the computer and ignoring the world for a bit while writing about beauty products in excruciating detail. When I opened the box containing my second tube of Make P:rem Safe Relief Cleansing Foam, I knew that it was time to break my review dry spell (more than 250 days!) and talk about my current favorite kbeauty cleanser.

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