Blemish Busting Tip: Spot Treat with a Strong AHA

The great thing about having acne-prone skin is that I have plenty of chances to try new things and few major ramifications if a new [well-conceived] experiment fails. What’s going to happen? Bad skin? Oh, wait, already have that, joke’s on you, bird poo mask!

spot treat with a strong AHA
No, but I haven’t actually used a bird poo mask for anything other than a punchline.

The most useful thing to recently come out of my tests is the realization that the right AHA can be the best spot treatment possible for blemishes. I mentioned this in my review of the Paula’s Choice Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA, but I want to pull this point out again because I’m hearing such amazing feedback from people who have successfully tried this technique.

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