Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo Review

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  1. the hair loss thing happened to me to except I only got 1 circle. I went to my primary care and they didn’t want to prescribe me anything so I just waited it out and thankfully it grew back. However I have been dealing with hairloss ever since middle school and is just starting rogaine for a couple days now. I’m still on the look for HG shampoo

  2. I wish I had easy access to Korean products in India.They truly are so good and effective! My hair loved the Solucion 9 shampoo that I got in one of the Memeboxes but even that has stopped delivering to India 🙁

  3. Thank you for this review and for clearing up the “black hair” issue. Very excited to try this now! And to dive down the AB scalp treatment rabbit hole.

    Commenting because I purchased Skylake Conditioner on a trip to NYC this summer and love it. I have long hair and live in a city that literally uses straight chlorine to purify the water a number of months out of the year so my haircare regimen is infrequent washing, leave-in conditioner and prayer. I seriously got an extra 6 months out of a haircut (did I mention I’m cheap? And lazy?) thanks to the cuticle-sealing powers of Skylake. Plus it lasts forever… which also means it’s best to try a sample first.

  4. Thanks for this review. My favorite shampoo is from the Beyond brand which I haven’t found in NYC yet.

    Slightly off topic, where do you get your hair colored in NYC? I am desperately searching for a place where I can get my greying roots done on a regular basis without signing away whole paychecks!

    • Ohh–I really want to try Beyond haircare–I hear it’s great! I haven’t seen it here either.

      Urgh, I need to find a place to get my hair colored because I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve been doing it myself, but…I need to not. ahahahah If you find a great place please let me know!

      • Sigh, everyone I know is in the same boat. If you haven’t tried it, esalon sells awesome colors. It’s the doing it myself and contorting myself leaning into the tub to rinse that’s driving me crazy (no detachable shower head, NYC apt and all that)

        Beyond products are really good. I am Korean and stock up whenever I go home. Vuty store had a few products and I snagged a couple during the free shipping over $25 offer.

        • Ohhh nice. I have blonde hair and the stripes are getting ridiculous. I should investigate. I know that there’s a Korean salon on 32nd, but the prices…urgh. I can’t afford my hair. ahahaha

          This seals the deal–I’ll have to try some Beyond!