Disclaimer and DMCA

A beauty blog seems like a terrible way to gain information when you really think about it.

Here I am, in my climate with my one skin, testing products in a non-laboratory and then reporting on my highly individualized findings. My particular skin hates some things but likes others that yours may not. It’s even a particular color and thickness that may not match yours.

As a result, I have to caution you: my results may not be your results.

I urge you to seek multiple [trusted] sources of information before buying products or changing your routine. Most importantly, I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t give skincare advice, only report on the impact of products and routines on my own skin.

While I’m an imperfect source of information, my job is to do the following things:

  • gather evidence about products and my reaction to them via thorough testing, and then tell the truth about what I find
  • accurately disclose how I obtained products and any links that result in the blog receiving commission money or store credit before you click on a link

Information including translated or transcribed ingredient lists, usage methods, results, and places to buy the products are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting, but should be cross-checked.


Copyright and DMCA Agent

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